PineHill sportsmans club

Welcome back archers!

The members of the Pine Hill Sportsman Club have received your message loud and clear. One year ago we decided that maintaining a Webpage was and expense we no longer needed since we were using Face Book. How wrong our followers proved us to be, many of you missed our shoot schedule and rendezvous brochure last year and believed we were no longer having 3-D shoots. Now it is time to get the word out and update everyone so vacations and shooting engagements can be planned. The club is really looking forward to our 12th year of existence and hope to see some old faces back in 2019.


First we would like to give you a recap of 2018, Ron had the property timbered over the winter and it took a huge effort just to get the trails opened up to have shoots in 2018. We ended up canceling the January & February day shoots because the woods was not yet safe and a trail was not open enough to get a trailer full of targets out. In April we had our team challenge with the Flatlander team coming out victorious. Over the next few months Jerry and his crew spent many weekends in the woods just opening up areas to place targets for the July Rendezvous. Another crew worked on the trails getting them cut open and smoothed up as well as building a new bridge on the Blue course. By Rendezvous time the trails dried up and the woods were acceptable to proceed, Ron would personally like to thank all these people for their effort as we were able to resume our 2018 schedule.


Rendezvous 2018 came and went, some old faces were missed and some new ones welcomed, we ended up with 200 participants in 2018. We would like to thank all those in attendance for your support and hope to see you again in 2019 (Rendezvous 2019 Brochure Tab Events).


The Hunter Warm up shoot in September was a great success. A suggestion had been made to the Board of Directors that we have a Team Challenge on Saturday morning. Needles to say the Flatlander were dethroned by the Gulvas Crew, boy can those guys shoot. Everyone stuck around the entire day as quite a number of new faces started to arrive. We ended up with 55 shooters for the weekend, a great Potluck Dinner Saturday night. We plan to do the same thing in 2019 with hopes of seeing more teams entered into the challenge.


This short recap brings us to present day, many things such as scheduled weekends and shoots will remain the same in 2019 (See Events Tab). However a few suggestions pertaining to Rendezvous 2019 have been brought to the attention of our Board of Directors. The Board has taken a long look at improving the event and our Shoot Committees are taking steps to do just that.

We seemed to have some confusion at rendezvous about who our go to people are for specific needs. I’ve supplied the Board with a Job Description for our Rendezvous Shoot Coordinator. It outlined this persons function and authority during the event. Bob Hildenbrand will be our Rendezvous Shoot Coordinator in 2019. He will have a list of all our Committees and their Coordinators, if anyone attending needs anything in 2019 just find Bob and he will point you in the right direction.

The Fundraising Committee has a few raffles in the planning stage. As we get them started we will post them so you can get tickets if you wish. Those targets we put out are not inexpensive so we work very hard to raise the funds for new ones. If anyone would like to help you may get in contact with one of our board members (See Contacts Tab).


Enclosing I would like to thank all of our followers for your support. We are looking forward to seeing you in 2019. Some of the events we’ve done in the past are not happening this year so keep checking for updates to this page, you may also follow us on face book (Facebook Tab). Feel free to invite your friends and family to our events, word of mouth appears to be the best vehicle to our continued success.


I wish everyone a great year in 2019; we will see you at a shoot someplace so keep those arrows flying straight. – Ron Himes.




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